Thursday, August 30, 2012

Progesterone Levels

I had my progesterone levels tested this Tuesday and I came out with a 41.6. Which according to a website I found is the levels found in a woman who is in her first trimester. I've posted the information and website I found for your information.

Progesterone levels during pregnancy1
1st trimester: 10–44 ng/mL or 32.6–140 nmol/L
2nd trimester:19.5–82.5 ng/mL or 62–262 nmol/L
3rd trimester:65–290 ng/mL or 206.7–728 nmol/L

I would be more excited except for the fact that last month I was at 44 and I obviously wasn't pregnant.  So my doctor has decided that since my last 2 months' numbers have been excellent that they will not continue with any treatment on me until my husband has completed his sperm analysis. My period is scheduled to start on 9/5 if I'm not pregnant. My husband's exam is Friday, 9/7.

Best case scenario is that I am pregnant and we still go for my husband's first sperm analysis (just in case of false readings, miscarriages, etc). Next best thing (far, far, far) down the list is that I'm not pregnant, but he can get his results quickly and that there is a simple solution that I can still go on Clomid next month and not have a month or more delay in our infertility treatment. Worst case scenario is that I'm not pregnant, his results come back late and/or it is something major that we'll need to take time to work on.

At this point, I will be thrilled when next Friday ends. It will be the end of the unknown worries. I'm not sure if I'll get bigger worries from the test, but at least we'll know what we're looking at for future treatments, options and possibilites.

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