Friday, August 24, 2012

Am I Pregnant? (I.e. The 2 week wait)

I had my 2nd round of clomid from 8/13 and my 1st shot of hcg on 8/20. We've completed our 3 day intercourse marathon after the hcg shot. So that means that at this moment I could be pregnant....I could be pregnant with multiples...I may not be pregnant at all.  I am in my 2 week wait of hell to find out if I am or not. So any odd twitch, pain, appetite changes, imagined tenderness of my breasts will make me think "maybe." I don't feel pregnant. Yeah, yeah I know I wouldn't feel pregnant even if I was. But it's partly a protection mechanism to try not to get too positive. Because if I'm not pregnant the let down will be that much bigger.

The reason I'm a little worried about having multiples is due to the results of my ultrasound. They had done an ultrasound (one of the inside ones) on the morning of 8/20 to determine if I have any eggs, too many eggs, and/or too small eggs. They told me that we were looking for eggs to be 18 or so. I think they meant millimeters but I got distracted so I'm not exactly sure. They looked in my left and said that I have a couple 12s, and a 15. Then in my right they found a 17, 16, couple 15s and couple 12s. Then they had to go back to my right because they said that they didn't get the distance of the ultrasound tool right. They ended up seeing a couple of 16s and 15s. They just kept repeating "You have a lot of activity going on" and that  the doctor wouldn't want to give me the hcg shot with this much activity unless my hormone levels were low enough. Then after anxiously waiting 8 hours they finally called me back and said that my hormone levels look good and that they are in the mid 500s. So here I am thinking that I won't be getting the hcg shot after all when they then said that I get to get the shot after all.

Fast forward 5 days. 12 more days until my period is scheduled to start; while desperately hoping that I don't. And everyday this week when I've had a twinge, a pain or feeling of discomfort I can't help but think "Am I pregnant?" This is going to be a long 2 weeks. I'm scheduled to go in for my P-4 (Progesterone hormone level )test next Tuesday, Aug 28. Hopefully the level will be super high.

In the meantime I'm trying to stay busy so that I don't think about it more than 5 minutes at a time. Granted I think of it hundreds of times a day, but I try to keep the time of each down.

How does everyone stay busy and try to keep their minds off of this? I'd love to know. Please post comment below.

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