Thursday, August 30, 2012

I hate being sick!

     So you know how they say that you should refrain from taking any medicine when you're pregnant? Well, for women with infertility that can lead to some hard, hard times. We try so desperately to get pregnant and to do "everything right." We cut out alcohol, we cut out caffeine, we cut out chocolate (the second love of our lives), we take prenatal vitamins for months on end, take multiple doses of medicine that's supposed to help us; the list goes on and on. And we still don't get pregnant.
      So when we get sick we try to do the right thing by not taking any medicines that would harm the baby we want more than anything else in the world. We even try to limit the medicine that is "approved" by our infertility doctors just in case it makes a difference.
     And during all this time, we're not even sure if we're pregnant. For me, I should be able to find out in the next week if the latest treatments took or not. It's just far enough away that it was too early to take a pregnancy test.  And it was just far enough past my ovulation that I there is a possibility that I am pregnant.
     So I've had a sore throat and earache for 4 days now and I was nauseous yesterday morning. And even though I've read that it is too early to get morning sickness I can't help but hope that this is what it is. When more than likely it was just a side effect from my cold.  
     I've also had a stomach pains from Monday until Wednesday. The doctor said that this is probably caused by cysts rupturing. So needless to say it's been a crappy week and it's hard to keep positive. All I can think of is, am I even pregnant that I made a difference by abstaining from medicine or did I just suffer unnecessarily?

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