Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Meds / Vitamins

In order to get my body "ready" for the infertility treatments I've been on a couple of drugs for the last few months.

For my growth on my pituitary gland I am taking one Bromocriptine 2.5mg once a day. For my PCOS I am taking Metformin 500mg tablet once a day.

Besides these, I've also been taking Prenatal vitamins daily as my doctor said it would get my body ready in order to have a healthy child. I've now been taking Prenatal vitamins for close to a year. I am so over taking them. The only thing keeping me going with taking them is the fact that they are supposed to help prevent problems with the baby. So if you're thinking about starting infertility treatments and/or getting pregnant I strongly recommend them.

Then of course  I have the newly added hcg shot which I get once a month.

My Bromocriptine and Metformin cost between $10-20 a month and then the hcg shot costs $75/month.

My husband still has to get his sperm tested. We've arranged for him to go to a specialist but there is a 2 month delay to get the first appointment. He's scheduled to go in the beginning of September. He's had one test before, done about 3-4 years ago, where the result was: pretty good count, pretty good mobility but bad shape. We didn't even realize that "bad shape" was something that could occur. Therefore he has been taking Infertility Blend for Men vitamins that we got from GNC upon the recommendation of our doctor. He's been taking them for 2 months and is doing the max number per day which is 4 capsules per day (this is the max for the first 2 months for rapid improvement). We won't be able to tell if this is really working until the test in September. The only difference that I've noticed in him is that he wants to have sex more.

My husband's vitamins currently cost us $39.99/bottle. He goes through one bottle in a 2 week period as he's taking the max dosage for rapid improvement. This price will go down from next month when he'll switch to the regular dosage of 2 per day which will make it cost $39.99 / month then.


  1. Hi! Found you on LFCA. We have similar issues, PCOS and male factor :) Infertility sucks but the support in the IF blogging world is fabulous!

  2. Hi. Thanks for leaving a comment. I have to agree that the support in IF blogging world and the ability to vent to people who get what we're going through is awesome. The last 2 times I tried to go through Infertility Treatments I didn't blog and I couldn't really talk to anybody who understood about what I was going through. I think the support that I can get through blogging and being able to get things off my chest will help me to continue this time.