Friday, September 21, 2012

My sister, the Queen B, and her infertility journey

My youngest sister, technically only 13 months younger than me but still the youngest, is also undergoing infertility treatments. She also deals with PCOS and she also has the male factor in play. Her difference from me is that she also has a 17 1/2 year old she had when she was 19 by her ex-boyfriend.

The other major difference is that my sister is also a Queen B with a capital B and she's also a Drama Queen. She also treats her daughter like shit. The Queen B has routinely called me over the last few years and tells me the hundreds of reasons I am lucky I do not have kids. As you know this is the last thing women undergoing infertility treatments and have no children want to hear.

So I've asked the Queen B why in the world she would want to have another child. She says that the our Mom "ruined" her daughter and that the next one will be different. My sister did no wrong. Keep in mind that whenever I was around my sister when my niece was young my sister would ignore my niece while she watched TV or played around on the computer while she had either me or our mom take care of her. The Queen B only took care of her daughter when she felt like it and god fobird if my niece wasn't in the mood at that time. You always had to play along with the Queen B's wishes and demands. Otherwise the Queen B would stomp off in tears how you were ungrateful.

This is a woman who has told her daughter that she must attend  a good university so that she can snare a good husband so that my niece can stay home and not work. She has put my niece down time and time again and almost ruined her self-confidence.

I offered to take my niece during her spring break this past spring to give them both a break. My sister agreed and said that she would drive to the half way point where I could pick her up. Then the Queen B CHARGED my niece gas money and food money for the way up and back. Who charges their 16 year old daughter gas money to take her to her aunt especially when their daughter is still looking for her first job? So before my niece even found a job she had a several hundred dollar debt to my sister for her trip up to see me, her car (that her grandparents had given her), her car insurance and her cell phone.

So my sister telling me that she is trying for another child chills me to the bone. She had her iui this past Monday. The thought of her getting pregnant with a child that she will not truly appreciate pisses me off.

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